Norwalk, CA | Tune up- Walk behind 21" mower

Basic Tune-ups include oil change, replace air, oil, and fuel filters, spark plug, adjust carburetor, grease all zerk fittings, and sharpen blade(s). Extra charge added for fuel or oil disposal, carburetor cleaning, rebuild or carburetor replacement, and for special circumstances. Parts prices are estimates only, actual prices WILL vary up or down depending on manufacturer. Belts will be inspected but changed at additional charge.

Walkbehind 21" Mower Price
Part#: Tune-Kit Mower 21-28
Labor Hours 0.945  $84.10
Includes Sharpening
Oil  $4.00
Oil Filters if needed extra
Spark Plug $4.00
Fuel Filter $5.00
Air Filter $15.00
Shop Supply $0.95
Belts if needed extra
Total $113.05