Red Tag Promotions

Toro is announcing the 2021 Fall Red Tag Sales Event that will run August 23 – September 6. The focus is on driving incremental floor traffic combined with strong retail promotions to increase your ability to close prospective customers when shopping at your dealership.
Please note that there are retail finance promotions that begin before and extend beyond the Red Tag Sale Event promotion period. Please refer to Toro’s DAB #21-144 on F21 Q4 Retail Finance Promotions that details all of the other exciting financing promotions you can take advantage of to ensure a strong finish to your 2021 lawn and garden season.
Your Red Tag Sales Event POS materials will begin shipping the week of the Aug. 2 and we encourage you to work with your Toro Territory Manager to set your showrooms and capitalize on the Red Tag Sales Event.
Important Note: Toro sponsored retail financing may not be combined with retail $’s off. However, a non�0;0;0;0;2;sponsored retail menu of finance options may be combined with $ off promotions. See attached menus for details.
  • Non sponsored finance menu that may be combined with Toro $’s off promotions
  • Updated Q4 Toro-sponsored retail finance promotions (may not be combined) with Toro $’s off promotions
  • Sheffield “0% for 54” consumer disclaimer language
$500 off Z Master® 2000 HDX Special Edition model
Qualifying Product: 74480, 74497
Details: Customer receives $500 OFF the purchase of a qualifying model.

$500 off Z Master 3000 Series models
Qualifying Product: 72932, 72936, 72949, 72950, 72952, 72958, 72959, 74949, 74950, 74952, 74958, 74959, 74996, 75932, 75934, 75936
Details: Customer receives $500 OFF the purchase of a qualifying model.

$300 off select GrandStand MULTI-FORCE® attachments
Qualifying Product: 78593, 78598, 78596
Details: Customer receives $300 OFF the purchase of a qualifying model.

$300 off select Turf Renovation models

Qualifying Product: 33522, 39514, 39521

$100 off select GrandStand MULTI-FORCE attachments

Qualifying Product: 78694, 78597
Details: Customer receives $100 OFF the purchase of a qualifying model.).

$100 off select Slit Seeder

Qualifying Product: 33512
Details: Customer receives $100 OFF the purchase of a qualifying model.

$50 off Mid-Size two-wheel sulky and MULTI-FORCE dethatche

Qualifying Product: 78690, 44401
Details: Customer receives $50 OFF the purchase of a qualifying model.

Registration Requirement: If you fail to register product within 10 days of product sale, your rebates (Promo, Retail Rewards and Retail Growth) will not be paid. Refer to the 2021 Dealer Program manual for eligibility requirements:
*Registration Claim Process (No Exceptions): Toro will credit the dealer within 14 days of product registration when the unit is registered accurately and completely via PRW (Toro's on-line warranty registration system). Ensure registrations are submitted and not in “draft” status as these do not get paid. If a customer registers at prior to you registering the product, please unregister and complete new registration through PRW so you get credit for the rebate.
Thank you for your continued partnership! If you have any questions regarding the subject of this communication, please contact your Toro sales representative.