CHAPIN 1046 Hand Sprayer, Cone Nozzle, Polyethylene

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CHAPIN 1046 Hand Sprayer, Cone Nozzle, Polyethylene

CHAPIN industrial sprayer is designed for industrial strength cleaners and degreasers. It features a 48 oz poly bottle, ergonomic handle. This sprayer has chemical-resistant seals and gaskets. An adjustable poly and brass cone nozzle allows a range of spraying, from fine mist to a coarse stream.

• 48 oz translucent poly bottle

• Compatible with most industrial chemicals, suitable for homeowners too

• Adjustable cone nozzle and shut-off

• In-tank anti-clog filter

• Air pressure:40 to 60

• Capacity:48 oz

• Fill Opening Size:1-1/2 in

• Hose Length:42 in

• Hose Material:Nylon

• Material:Polyethylene

• Nozzle Material:Poly

• Nozzle Type:Cone

• Overall Depth:4-3/4 in

• Overall Height:11-3/4 in

• Overall Width:7 in

• Package Size:48 oz

• Package Type:Bottle

• Wand Material:Polyethylene
⚠ 65 WARNING ⚠
WARNING: This product contains chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer and birth decects or other reproductive harm.
ADVERTENCIA: Este producto contiene productos quimicos reconocideos por el estado de California que provocan cancer, defectos de nacimiento u otros danos reproductivos.
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