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Replace your old, dull saw blade with one that gets the job done every time. The Silky 391-42 SUGOI 14.5 in. Hand Saw Replacement Blade boasts an ultra-strong, curved blade design which provides greater cutting speed with less effort. The super aggressive non-set tooth pattern is ideal for pruning large limbs. Utilizing proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME Smooth Cutting Technology, the precision-ground, razor sharp blade features four cutting angles which provides extremely fast, clean and smooth cutting action. Its taper-ground profile reduces drag and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge. The hard chrome-plated blade has 5.5 teeth per inch, resists rust and the effects of tree resin and wipes clean easily.

• 14-1/5 in. (360 mm) blade length

• 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration

• 0.55 lbs. (240 g) weight

• Hard chrome-plated for durability

• Teeth are not impulse hardened

• Ideal for pruning and trimming and for lawn and gardens

⚠ 65 WARNING ⚠
WARNING: This product contains chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer and birth decects or other reproductive harm.
ADVERTENCIA: Este producto contiene productos quimicos reconocideos por el estado de California que provocan cancer, defectos de nacimiento u otros danos reproductivos.
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