Dmm Vault Locking Gate

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DMM Vault Locking Gate- 39508

Finally … a secure, well-designed, easy-to-use, and easy-to-secure attachment point for tools aloft. Many are the arborists who have watched expensive equipment plummet toward unsuspecting lawns and ground staff while franticly screaming “headache!” Stop the hazard and destruction. Attach a DMM vault securely to most any modern tree climbing harness and pick the gate option that best suits your risk tolerance and task. For saws and heavy equipment, the locking-gate vault cannot be surpassed for security and one-handed ease of use.

The locking gate option prevents accidental openings and loss or damage of your equipment. This option is also useful when moving through busy environments or confined spaces, by stopping snagging or clipping of external items which would impede movement.

The locking gate has two positions, Open and Manually Locked. Each position is determined by a locating ‘click’, making it easy to select between the functionality of a snapgate and the security of a locked gate. The raised rib allows tactile identification of the gates position, removing the need for visual checking.

• Open: Behaves like a standard snap gate.

Manually Locked: Locked and secure.

• COLOR: Red/Silver

• GATE OPENING: 0.78 in (20 mm)

• MATERIAL: Aluminum

• TENSILE STRENGTH: 674.4 lbs (3 kN)

• WLL: 67.44 lbs (0.3 kN)

• PRODUCT TYPE: Accessories



• IA: 284-0-15
⚠ 65 WARNING ⚠
WARNING: This product contains chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer and birth decects or other reproductive harm.
ADVERTENCIA: Este producto contiene productos quimicos reconocideos por el estado de California que provocan cancer, defectos de nacimiento u otros danos reproductivos.
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