Singing Tree Rope Wrench Black With Fix Tether

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Singing Tree Rope Wrench Black with FIX Tether

• Get the arborist's new favorite couple: A Rope Logic Double Eye Fix Tether with the sleek Black Singing Tree Rope Wrench.

• This imparted drag above a cordage friction hitch opens new and exciting possibilities for climbers. Adding the Rope Wrench gives climbers all the advantages of stationary rope work positioning with the safety and feel of more traditional systems.

• The Rope Wrench accommodates only arborist-grade climbing lines (11–13 mm) interacting with spliced, heat-resistant, eye-to-eye Prusik cord (8–10 mm). It requires a micropulley/carabiner attachment to the saddle. A 1:1 climbing system in your future? The Rope Wrench is an excellent choice for safe, efficient stationary rope climbing.

• WARNING: This product requires experience and possibly training in rope-assisted climbing techniques (specifically SRS as described above) and tree-related hazard assessment prior to use.

• Rope Logic's Double Eye Fix Tether: Rope Logic’s new FIX Tether is the perfect fix for your Rope Wrench. Available in either a single eye or double eye, The FIX features a reinforced core, making it more rigid than any other tether on the market. Both versions offer a small loop sewn into the tether for tending. The Fix double eye works great with the pinto style pulley and the double eye works with the hitch climber style pulley.
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WARNING: This product contains chemicals know to the state of California to cause cancer and birth decects or other reproductive harm.
ADVERTENCIA: Este producto contiene productos quimicos reconocideos por el estado de California que provocan cancer, defectos de nacimiento u otros danos reproductivos.
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